Il centro nasce per consolidare e dare nuove prospettive di sviluppo a una rete di studiosi e esperti che da anni studia i fenomeni legati al sistema della moda, del consumo e degli stili di vita, con un innovativo metodo interdisciplinare.

Main Topics:

  • Cultural Heritage and Fashion Archive
  • Mass Culture, Media and Everyday Aesthetics
  • Social and Visual Studies.
  • Creativity, Innovation and New Technologies

Coordinatrice del Centro di ricerca: Federica Muzzarelli

Membri del Centro di ricerca: Daniela Baroncini, Daniela Calanca, Fabriano Fabbri, Massimo Giovanardi, Mariella Lorusso, Gustavo Marfia, Stefano Marino, Giovanni Matteucci, Roy Menarini, Federica Muzzarelli, Giampaolo Proni, Simona Segre Reinach, Monica Sassatelli, Ines Tolic

English description:

The “Culture Fashion Communication – International Research Centre” originates to strengthen and give new development perspectives to a network of scholars and experts, who have been studying for several years the phenomena linked to the fashion system, consumer goods and lifestyles with an innovative interdisciplinary method. The purpose of the Research Centre is to make the across-the-board dialogue between the various academic disciplines its main strength. The Research Centre studies the fashion system and lifestyle dynamics as privileged analysis tools of contemporary trends and transformations by looking not only at the virtuous interconnections between social-liberal art disciplines, but also by directing great and ever increasing interest in the contact zones with the cultures of planning and design, computer science, technological applications. Besides its interdisciplinary feature, the Centre has a strong international vocation as it is already supported by a sound network of relationships and collaborations with foreign scholars, who have been active and involved in different ways in the field of cultural and fashion studies for many years. The activities of the Research Centre include: international conferences and workshops, book series, journals, projects involving public bodies and private institutions, participation in European competitions as well as fundraising for the promotion of scholarships, research fellowships on innovative study projects and strong technological experimentation.